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30 April 2024
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A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.


The James Phillips Williams Memorial Foundation and JPW Learning Center is a training center based in San Angelo, Texas for teachers who are interested in learning about dyslexia and effective research based instruction for for students with dyslexia. This training center is accredited by the International Multi-Structured English Language Council (IMSLEC).

Workshops and events for the identification and management of those with learning disabilities, with a special emphasis in the area of dyslexia, are offered to a broad range of audiences. Information Packets are available upon request and free of charge.

In addition, the JPW Learning Center provides families with the tools necessary to help their student be successful through education about dyslexia. The JPWMF Rebecca Hall Memorial Library is housed within the Tom Green County Library main branch location where all periodicals are available to the general public. Other on-line resources are available through links on the Dyslexia Support page of this website.

Parent/Teacher Meetings are held the Learning Center covering different topics on various aspects of dyslexia and learning disabilities. Please check our events page for a complete list of the topics and dates.

How You Can Help!

Since 1985, the James Phillips Williams Memorial Foundation has been working to help struggling students be successful in schools throughout the Concho Valley and West Texas.  The Foundation provides training for teachers in Multisensory Programs for both reading and math, education for parents and administrators to all work for the good of the student.

The overall goal of the foundation is to give students with learning differences tools to be successful in life.  Will you please help us?  Any level of giving will help to continue the mission of the James Phillips Williams Memorial Foundation, thus, helping more families learn about dyslexia and other learning differences.

Here is how your contribution will help:

$90,000 – needed funds to meet the goal for a new building at 409 W. Washington Drive
$60,000 – new driveway and parking lot
$10,000 – scholarship for 120 students who enroll in the summer program
$6,000 – training and materials for one teacher enrolled in the dyslexia training
$3,000 – training and materials for year 1 of the dyslexia training
$1,000 – two months of tutoring for one student 4 days per week with supplies
$750 – one student dyslexia testing
$500 – one teacher with Multisensory Math Training
$250 – two weeks of dyslexia therapy 4 days per week plus supplies for one student
$100 – one student with all seven books of the training program
$50 – 2 one-hour sessions of therapy for one student

Any amount would be greatly appreciated, especially this year as we all move forward to the future and recover from the Pandemic.

Judie English
JPW Learning Center Chair

JPW Learning Center is accredited by The International Multi-Structured English Language Education Council (IMSLEC).

37 Years Strong!

JPW Learning Center is growing!  Please help us by contributing to our Expansion Campaign.  Every dollar raised will ultimately go toward expanding our services and helping those with learning disabilities.

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